Need more natural sunlight?

Where you want it, when you want it and at a really low cost? Then you need Sundownloader

Sundownloader is a startling new invention, which deflects sunlight to where it can do most good.

It’s unique Convex shape can receive sunlight from any direction and deflect the light down to any target area.

No matter whether its low sun at sunrise, sunset or during wintertime.

How it works

A stationary mirror, subtly-shaped, re-directing light to where it is most needed; convex to avoid over-heating; curved differently at each compass direction thus avoiding the need for any movement or adjustment during use.

Unlike other expensive inventions designed to re-direct sunlight, such as motorised heliostats, which require light focussing and complicated technology to follow the sun, Sundownloader unique design removes all this. It is stationary, so no motors, no controls, no annoying re-adjustments required.

With it’s modular design it allows adaptation to any site, meaning Sundownloader can easily be used in numerous commercial and even domestic applications. Worldwide.

Sunlight is always reflected directly or obliquely downwards to the chosen target, so avoids glare.

Uses for Sundownloader

Sundownloader could benefit commercial application such as vertical farming - where combined with artificial light Sundownloader can improve plant health, product quality and most importantly – yield.

Not to mention the domestic application in your home garden or greenhouse. Overshadowed by neighbouring buildings or have a semi-basement apartment? Let Sundownloader help bring natural sunlight back into your life? The possibilities are endless. Solar energy for one. Exciting isn’t it?

Patents pending

An International Patent has been filed, and the application underwent “International Preliminary Examination” at the European Patent Office, and received a favourable International Preliminary Examination Report finding all claims (as amended) new, inventive, and capable of industrial application. The International Preliminary Examination Report can be downloaded on our 'Patents pending' page.