DOWNLOAD the SUN ........................... SUNDOWNLOADER .......................... the GREENEST INVENTION since CHLOROPHYLL

    LIGHT, WARMTH and ENERGY from the SUN; FREE of charge; NO FUSS, no adjustment, NO ELECTRICITY, no maintenance

    Earth receives light and warmth from the sun like sitting in front of an electric fire (1.39kW/m2), but we humans make pathetically little use of all that free energy. Here's how to do better. Sundownloader is a new invention, the greenest since chlorophyll; a stationary mirror, subtly-shaped, re-directing light to where it is most needed; convex so there is no focusing or over-heating; curved differently at each compass direction so that without any movement or adjustment during use sunlight is always reflected directly or obliquely downwards to the chosen target, which may be a garden, recreational space, greenhouse, vertical farm or solar panel array. Downwards - no glare. Low-angle sun is favored, increasing energy input, electricity output, plant health, product quality and yield ... , especially outside the tropics, out of the summer growing season, late in the afternoon and early in the morning. The materials used are light-weight and inexpensive. Costs will be low for installation and maintenance; zero for fuel and electricity; what's not to like?