These pictures show the first ever and more recent models. We are trying to imagine how and where Sundownloaders may be used.

1] Unretouched photograph of a model similar to the Prototype on another page, on an West-facing 'wall' in London, above a paved 'garden' area. From right to left, laser pens represent the sun at 13.00 in early May (red) 15.00 December 21st (blue) 17.00 March 21st (green) and 19.30 June 21st (red). Reflected beams strike the paving stones below; closely grouped. Differences in brightness are partly because the human eye responds better to blue and green light than red.

2] 1:50 model of a greenhouse with 10-metre-high plant racks! We are looking from South, facing North. Fixed above the greenhouse are sundownloaders of more advanced shape than the first picture - and they are complementary pairs which together can reflect sunlight downwards from sunrise to sunset all year long (at 50oN).

3] The same model, illuminated with laser beams of different colors to show how each sundownloader serves chiefly one alleyway.